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Anthology 7 Magpies Written/Directed by African American Females

Chong has some previous anthology experience, as the actress/director appeared in 1990’s TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE.

This sounds like a great project, one I’m looking forward to seeing come to fruition. I like the idea of artists who feel like their talents are being overlooked taking the initiative to show the world what they’re made of.


Horror Film Central

Horror Gets A New Point Of View

It’s not a question of not existing…it’s a question of not being believed in, backed, funded, hired, given a seat at the table … As hot as horror anthologies are right now (“The ABCs of Death” 1&2, the “V/H/S” series and the upcoming “Tales of Halloween,” “Holidays”, etc.), not one black woman has been included in a single one, not even the all female one (“XX” – slated for a 2016 release).

Shock Til You Drop

All Black Women Horror Anthology, 7 Magpies gets Rae Dawn Chong to Direct

Of the nursery rhyme inspiration, Cruell tells Indiewire’s Shadow and Act it represents “a form of oral storytelling key to many cultures of color – and the perfect framework for the first all African-American female horror anthology feature.” This is great news for diversity in horror filmmaking, as well as what often seems the aim of horror itself, to clue viewers in to the fears and concerns of the artist. There’s no doubt these filmmakers have a lot to say.


Black Female Directors Unite for Horror Anthology Film ‘7 Magpies’

“Cruell says she was inspired by director and cinematographer Ernest Dickerson (no stranger to horror anthologies himself, having worked on the 1980s horror TV series Tales From the Darkside and directed the Tales from the Crypt spinoff feature film Demon Knight), and based 7 Magpies on the well-trodden superstition of the bird as an evil omen, in which the number of birds a person sees determines whether their luck will be good or bad.”

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